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Since many years ago offers Metin2 Yang and Metin2 Power Leveling services. 100% Satisfaction Promise :If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, you can cancel your Metin2 Yang & Metin2 Yang Kaufen at any time in and we will issue you a full refund (not including the delivered parts) immediately! It is our pleasure to deliver the highest quality customer service.


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General information, please read:
a)If possible (depending on your inventory and banking space) all items of worth and all gold gained during the service will stay on your account, if it is not used for necessary skills or equipment.

b)Certainly we do not make use of cheats, bots or scripts! Our leveler is not allowed to communicate with other players to prevent misunderstandings.

c)Important! We will change the password at the beginning oft he service and will reset it when the service has been finished. This is for security reasons, to prevent different ip′s appearing in the logfiles to rise safety of our service. stands for safety!

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24hrs/7d service
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